Via Salvatore Farina, Turin

Type: Stanza privata (13 ㎡) nel Casa
Prezzo €610
A disposizione 01-07-2024
indirizzo Via Salvatore Farina
proprietà della casa/td> 250 m²
Codice Postale 10134
città Turin

this is a Villa with private garden, not an apartment! Maybe the only Villa in Torino with rooms on rent only for students!! It is close to Politecnico, University of Medicine, Economics, Biotechnology, etc (below you can see a list of the m(hidden)uses to reach your faculty). As you can see it is in a strategic position... you can reach quickly every part of Torino, because in this area you have also the main University Hospital of Torino and so it has to be reachable quickly also by bus from any part of the town! Very close to the Villa (few...

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Via Salvatore Farina