Corso Giulio Cesare, Turin

Type: Stanza privata (20 ㎡) nel Appartamenti
Prezzo €450
A disposizione 01-01-2023
indirizzo Corso Giulio Cesare
proprietà della casa/td> 150 m²
Codice Postale 10155
città Turin

In the room, you will find a private balcony, large bed, bedside table, wardrobe, desk, chair, table light, reading light, towel kit, bed linen kit, slippers from home and a comfortable bag for dirty clothes. The house is newly furnished and in the kitchen, you will find dishes, glasses, pots, cutlery, microwave and everything you need to prepare food. In the bathroom you will have, in addition to the shower and all the new sanitary ware, the washing machine, so you can wash your stuff at home. The rent is all-inclusive and includes the rent of the room,...

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Corso Giulio Cesare